Established in Oslo, Norway in 2002, DreamScreen has continously developed new, innovative items for the advanced home cinema niche market.

One of our largest breakthroughs occured in 2013/2014 when we discovered the basis of our most advanced sound transparent fabric ever; the UltraHD V5. The basis used to produce this groundbreaking product is now patent pending, and our application has been accepted and recommended by the International PCT at Level II and is now forwarded to local markets, starting with the US and the EU.

Currently we´re developing new items for sound-proofing your room, including U-boats – basically rubber “feat” that you place your floor-studs on, as well as rubber-clips used on walls and ceilings for detached metal-stud-attachment. Floating your floor and decoupling your walls and ceiling with as little loss of room-volume as possible is indeed one of the most important elements when sound-proofing a room, and thus we found the need of improving some of the items available out there somewhat as well as reducing customers cost.

Room acoustics is also an area of focus at the moment. Smart diffusors that also absorb low-frequencies, bass-traps that are filtered so that they do not damage the upper-frequencies as well as more regular absorbers and diffusors are currently under development and will be launched shortly.

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