DreamScreen AcoustIQ Dfusor 60x120x15cm Diffuser & Absorber Black

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Absorber; meet diffuser!

A common issue when trying to absorb excessive sound wave reflections in a room is to dampen them too much as a consequence. The result is a feeling of less space, and thus reduced realism.

The Dfusor is an excellent diffusor, as the rounded polycilyndrical surface makes sure incoming soundwaves are effectively reflected back in a different direction from which it was received. This panel will start diffusing from about 600Hz and upwards.

The Dfusor uses a thin curved frontal plate and is filled with stone wool. There are actually no perforation on the frontal plate, but due to the low 3 mm thickness of the plate and the density of the raw material 740 kg/m3, the Dfusor absorbs the low frequncy region (100 to 315 Hz - aplha between 0.6 to 0.4, please see below chart) and is diffracting very effeciently between 600 to 4000 Hz. Thanks to the acoustic fabric covering the frontal plate it also absorbs slightly in the frequency range of 1000 to 4000 Hz; alpha 0.20.

However, due to the characteristics of the front plate buildup, the absorbption coefficient is reduced quite effectively from mid-bass levels and up (400Hz+), and will therefore not introduce the unwanted effect of reducing the perceived size of the room even if the panels are placed quite close to the listener. As such, placement of the Dfusor is very flexible, you can use these close to the seating position; at your back wall for example, in the ceiling or basically anywhere in the room. Please allow a distance between each Dfusor of about 20cm to allow each panel to reflect as effecient as possible.




The Dfusor is covered in a black, nicely textured fabric while the top and button is finished with a black plastic cover. Maximum depth of the panel is 15cm, the height 120cm and the width 60cm. These panels look great in even the most upscale home cinema room!



Due to the panels excellent multifunctional properties, you can place these panels quite close to the listening position, either to the direct side of the listener and/or in the back of the room.

We do reccommend a meter distance or so to give the panel a little room to work it´s (diffusional) magic. Diffusion required a little more distance to function properly than the absorption effect of the panel.

The panels should preferably be glued directly to the wall using a strong construction glue such as Casco Extremefix, alternatively it can be attached using hooks or a tension cord (not included). The panels can also be placed free-standing on the floor.



The panel absorbs quite effeciently from 80-100Hz and up to about 400Hz, after which the panel starts diffusing instead at about 600Hz and up.