DreamScreen AcoustIQ Skyline Diffuser 60x60cm Black

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Sky´s (not) the limit!

QRD based diffusers that work at short distances, custom made to be the fitted in the ceiling above your listening positions.

Previously most common in studios and other high-end environments, diffusers has now become increasingly popular in home cinemas around the globe due to the highly positive effect these types of panels has on even small home cinema rooms.

The diffusers are literally lifting your room to new heights by increasing the perceived size of the room. Placing these panels above the listening position will also provide clearer dialogue and more distinguished overall high -and midtone feedback.

2D QRD Design

These Skyline diffusers diffuse in both directions and is therefore a so-called "2D" QRD (Quadratic Residue Diffuser) diffuser. In short, the length of the various parts of the diffuser reflect the incoming soundwaves in a different direction from which it was received.

We have tuned this diffuser to be effecient at a very short distance, actually 1 meter to be exact. The diffusing starts as 1KHz, but the panel also scatters (partial diffuses) from 500Hz upwards.



UltraBlack Surface

In order to keep reflections at a minimum these panels are ultramatte black and reflect very little light from the projector. 


Placement and attachment

As stated above, these diffusers should be placed in the ceiling above the listening position. The more of the ceiling you cover, the better is the effect. We recommend using a strong construction glue such as Casco XtremFix (sold separately) to attach the panels to the ceiling. Using XtremFix you can simply place the panels straight up unto the ceiling and it will stick instantly. Other, weaker types of construction glue would require you to keep the panels fixed for a period of time first.


PS! "Skyline" and "QRD" are registered trademarks in the US, thus this item is not available for purchase in the US.