DreamScreen CineSeat ProMotor v4 Motorised Recliner

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  • €2,999

The DreamScreen CineSeat ProMotor is our custom developed recliner system, where focus has been placed on comfort, performance as well as a surprisingly competitive price.

Please contact us for ordering this item as we need to make out a custom quote on shipment as well as confirm inventory. We normally stock some of these recliners in 3 and 4-seater black TextileShield fabric at our warehouses in Norway, while 5-seater fabric and all black leather recliners normally will be custom made with some lead time. 


We supply the recliners in either top grade leather, or TextileShield protected black microfibre fabrics of commercial quality grade.


The TextileShield protected microfibre fabrics repels liquid and makes cleaning much easier



The comfort is further improved by using a top layer of memory foam

Professional OKIN motors provides stabile and top quality movement for both the recliner and the motorised headrest

The motorised, narrow headrest makes sure you actually see the screen when reclined and also provides you with properly surround sound performance instead of being blocked as is often the case with regular, integrated headrests



iPhone / pad holder

Wine glass holder