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This calculator automatically suggests the amounts of our line of AcoustIQ absorbants, bass traps and diffusers needed to lift your room to the next acoustical level!

In short, when acoustically treating your room, the goal is to ease the acoustical reflections - without killing the feel of space and roominess at the same time. If the sound waves are allowed to bounce back and forth, up and down, side to side - too much - the result is less clarity. However, placing the room full of absorbers and bass traps is certainly also quite risky as it potentially removes the acoustical feel of space at the same time, giving you the perceivance of being placed inside a smaller room than actually is the case. This poses a potential big problem for (home) cinema rooms that acoustically speaking is considered quite small to begin with.

At DreamScreen, we have carefully made out a line of acoustical treatment panels that combine absorption, bass-trapping and diffusion very effectively while still maintaining the acoustical feel of space; AcoustIQ.

The front absorbants, preferably placed all around the screen, at sidewalls and ceiling, effectively treats the first reflection from the speaker setup, reducing the energy of the remaining sound waves throughout the room.

For placement above your seating position, we have carefully designed Skyline diffusers based on well established QRD principles that have been tuned in to be effective at even very short distances.

The hybrid Dfusor panels, meant for placement directly to the left and right of the listening position, effectively combines both diffusion and absorption in the same panel.

Although diffusers are not as effective as absorbers, they do a lot of work nonetheless, but even more important; they do not steal the same amount of acoustical energy and thus potentially damaging the feeling of space like absorbers too close to where you are seated may do.

Bass traps are a challenge though. The back wall of your room is actually a primary reflective surface and although you use an acoustical transparent screen, preferably ours, and absorbers behind and around that screen in front, it is definitely an advantage to dampen these primary reflective sound waves hitting your back wall as well. However, since you are often seated quite close to the back of the room you do not want the regular bass traps that also kills the higher hertz levels. Our bass traps are equipped with a specially designed filter that cuts the absorption down to a minimum once 500Hz is passed. As such, you will not "muffle" the sound although you are effectively treating the lower frequencies of your first reflections close to where you are listening.

AcoustIQ Absorbant Square Front wall and ceiling, surrounding your screen
AcoustIQ BassTrap Corner Both corners, stack two in height if recommended based on room size, start stacking in the back
AcoustIQ BassTrap Back wall
AcoustIQ Dfusors Directly to the left and right of the listening positions
AcoustIQ SkyLine Diffusers Ceiling, directly above the listening positions



Size of the room

Length (m)
Width (m)
Height (m)

Included surfaces

 Floor     Ceiling     Wall 1 ( Front )     Wall 2 ( Back )     Wall 3 ( Left )     Wall 4 ( Right )   
Category Title Image SKU Price Qty per Square Surface Quantity in Order Total Price
Attachment Glue
Casco XtremFix Superstrong Acoustical Panel Attachment Glue Casco_XtremFix_300ml €15.00 0.09  Wall 1 ()
 Wall 2 ()
 Wall 3 ()
 Wall 4 ()
 Ceiling ()
DreamScreen AcoustIQ Absorbant 50x50cm AcoustIQ_Absorbant_50x50_BLACK €30.00 1.1  Wall 3 ()
 Wall 4 ()
 Ceiling ()
Bass Traps
DreamScreen AcoustIQ BassTrap Corner 60x120cm with 400Hz Membrane Black AcoustIQ_BassTrap_corner_60x120_BLACK €149.00 0.2  Wall 1 ()
 Wall 2 ()
DreamScreen AcoustIQ BassTrap 60x120x20cm with 400Hz Membrane Black AcoustIQ_BassTrap_60x120_BLACK €149.00 0.2  Wall 2 ()
DreamScreen AcoustIQ Skyline Diffuser 60x60cm Black AcoustIQ_Skyline_Diffuser_60x60_BLACK €60.00 1  Ceiling ()
DreamScreen AcoustIQ Dfusor 60x120x15cm Diffuser & Absorber Black AcoustIQ_Dfusor_60x120_BLACK €199.00 0.2  Wall 3 ()
 Wall 4 ()