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Treating your room acoustically is crucial for the experienced quality of sound. Increased clarity, far higher openness and more precise "punch" are just some of the advantages an effectively treated room has to offer. 

Available for your Shopify store as well!

Our Systems AutoCalc app is developed in-house and now also available for other stores through the Shopify App store (ShopifyMagic Systems AutoCalc) for a small monthly fee.

The Systems AutoCalc automatically provides a list of quantities required for given types of setups such as soundproofing a room or acoustically treatening it. For other stores, you may use the AutoCalc to figure out the number of tiles and accessories needed when renewing a bathroom. The possibilities are vaste!


First, you input the size of the room. The type of measurement is set by the store owner and is either meters of feet.

The Systems AutoCalc will automatically provide you with a recommended list of items based on the size of your room. Want to leave out the ceiling for now? No problem, just uncheck it at the top.

You can also keep surfaces globally but remove them from certain components. For example, if you´d want to remove the fiber gypsum for the ceiling as you already have some gypsum laying around you just uncheck it locally. You can also uncheck suggested items such as ventilation fans and so on.

Once you´re happy with the contents of the system, you just click "Add to cart". If you want to modify the contents of the system, you need to first empty the cart and remember to reload the systems page before adding the system to the cart again. Or you can just manually adjust the quantities directly in the cart.