TextileShield Information

TextileShield PRO 10 year limited warranty description

In our search to make out the perfect projection screen fabric, we are fully aware that no matter how we are able to excel in image- and sound quality, practical usage and worry free ownership is also an essential part of making use of a reference quality acoustical transparent cinema screen. While the regular V6 also allows you to clean off light stains such as small insects using a slightly damp fiber cloth or simply scratching the stain off, the TextileShield protected V6 shields off for just about anything, including substantial spills of wine, coffee, even oil / fat and all types of solid dirt.

The TextileShield protected V6 will have protective capabilities surpassing even most vinyl screens as the surface coating might be damaged on vinyl fabrics upon spot cleaning. A matte vinyl fabric might create "shiny spots" if spot cleaned, while a higher gain screen might create matte spots. The ultra matte TextileShield V6 can be safely spot cleaned without interfering with performance and/or appearance.

Due to technical reasons, the dirt repellent system requires us to leave the front woven layer semi bonded instead of fully bonded like is the case for the regular V6. The remaining layer 2->3 remains fully bonded, and as these knitted layers inherit higher flexibility than the woven semi bonded front layer you will obtain a perfectly tensioned surface after installation. To make sure you tension all three layers properly we do recommend using our custom Grip Rails as opposed to other solutions such as staples etc. with this version of the fabric.

While for most residential setups the screen is normally left alone and as such the TextileShield protection might not be of much practical use. However, more demanding environments, such as commercial studios or screening rooms, where cleaning personell, the audience or perhaps even the employees might be (often unknowingly) unfortunate, the new TextileShield protected V6 might come in very handy.

The TextileShield is applied at the mill, and is not possible to apply after the fabric has been bonded. It is activated at high temperatures to generate a permanent coat and is applied to all the layers that make out the patented UltraWeave composition. The fact that the front surface is woven in such a tight manner also improves the effect of the treatment significantly.

Last, but not least, the TextileShield does not alternate any of the characteristics of the UltraWeave, being it its reference D65 color accuracy, unique flat appearance (i.e. no speckle), or acoustical transparency (still at a very low 1,5dB average). This is made possible by working at a ”nano” fiber level. 

Cleaning instructions

We are not going to be adding a bunch of limitations and thus – in reality- making this warranty worthless for all practical purposes, but we do have to include some conditions. First, you need to make an honest and real attempt of removing the stain if it seems to have indeed settled. If the stain seems to be surface based, such as dust, you should first try vacuuming it off. Even for sucking out dry stains an upholsery cleaning machine is normally more effecient than a regular vacuum cleaner, so please use the upholsery machine regardless if you have one available.

If this is not sufficient, try using a slightly damp micro fiber cloth and rub the stain off. In some cases, the stain can also be removed by simply scratching it off using your finger nails.

PS! Due to the very effecient stain releasing TextileShield system, most stains can be removed like described above, please resort to wet cleaning only after you have tried the above procedure first.

If the stain is composed of smaller particles, such as soil, or stick to the surface such as fat or oil stains, you might need to remove it by using soap and water. It is normally not a good idea to let the stain stay for a long time, but if you suspect the stain to dry out, it would always be better to wait for that first, try dry vacuuming it off and rather resort to wet cleaning if required.

If the stain does not come off, you would need to use an upholsery cleaning machine. These machines are normally available for rent locally at most locations if you do not own one yourself (they are also quite reasonably priced at Ebay / Amazon etc., and can be used for all kinds of upholsery cleaning). As for soap, we recommend using a regular dishwasher liquid, and rather redo the procedure if needed. The dishwasher liquid dissolves the fat and also makes most other types of stain easier to suck out and remove. You normally only need to use a very small amount of soap, but a bit more if you are to remove a fat / oil-based stain. A soft type of toothbrush can be used to carefully rub the stain off the fabric. Finally you add water and vacuum the water, soap and the stain off of the fabric. After adding water several times and vacuuming the spot properly, please leave the area to air dry, do not use heat to dry it faster. The TextileShield treatment will reduce the time it takes to dry. If the stain is not properly released, please retry the same procedure once more.

After an extensive amounts of tests (wine, coffee, dust, micro particles ground in & fat), our TextileShield test fabric appears completely like new. The only stain we had to do a second cleaning off of was the fat stain, which is always regarded as the toughest one to work out on any type of textile.

The TextileShield protection system is permanent and will remain active also after extensive cleaning due to the very special heated implementation of this protective compound. Please see the above video for cleaning instructions.

Again, if you´re not lucky in removing the stain to your satisfaction, and none of the other limitations are imposed, you will be eligible for a replacement free of charge.

Warranty limitations

The warranty is personal and only covers the initial installation and is not possible to grandfather unless you can document properly that the fabric has remained at the same location / home cinema.

Further, the warranty does not cover any type of abuse, vandalism, or damage by smoke, fire, storm, flood, hurricane, wind, lightning or any natural disaster. Also, although we will cover the cost of shipping you a replacement fabric if indeed this is required, you have to cover any and all costs related to replacing the fabric being it a DIY-frame or one of ours. Fresh grip rails are always included with replacement fabrics.

After you have replaced the fabric we require you to send us some clear and descriptive pictures of the old fabric being diagonally cut and discarded.

The warranty is limited to two (2) replacements per purchase.



As a lower cost alternative to our full scale TextileShield PRO, we are offering a regular version as well. This version uses the same powerful protective system, but is applied only to the primary surface layer instead of all layers like for the full version and is therefore not able to repel as large amounts of liquids as the regular version but still offers a significant protective shield for smaller liquid spills (coffee, wine, soda and so on), fat / oil as well as solid stains.

Like for the regular untreated V6, cleaning stains off of the TextileShield protected fabric is done by first trying to scratch off any solid stain / bug etc. with your finger nails. If this is not sufficient, a slightly damp micro fiber cloth can be used. In most cases, stains will easily come off as the very finely woven TextileShield protected front surface will make it extremely hard for stains to stick.

The regular TextileShield fabric does not feature a stain warranty like the full scale PRO version does.

While for the full version, due to technical reasons, the primary layer is only semi-bonded, for this version all layers are fully bonded like is the case for the regular V6. This makes this regular version more suited for DIY setups that does not necessarily (though still recommended, it´s a great, practical and easy to use universal fabric attachment system!) use our Grip Rail system.

Like the PRO TextileShield protected UltraWeave V6, the regular version does not alternate any of the performance characteristics, i.e. same image- and audio performance on any and all parameters (gain, D65 tracking, acoustical transparency etc.).