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You can automatically calculate the material requirements of our ProSilence clips, studs and U-boats using our AutoCalc >>.



If you are looking for the best possible reduction of noise generated from your cinema room, recording studio or similar type of room there is simply no way around decoupling the floor, walls and ceiling. If you decouple, the sound is unable to travel as easily through the construction, reducing both high -and low frequency noise very effeciently.

Please note that in addition to decoupling the walls, ceiling and floor using our clips and U-boats you need to install a sound resistant door (or even two doors for maximum reduction of noise) as well as plan for ventilating the room as it will be 100% air tight. Please consult your local dealer for further advice.

You need about 10 U-boats per square meter floorspace when using 48x48mm or 48x36mm studs. You can also use even more shallow studs, such as 48x30mm, but in such case we recommend using 15 U-boats per square meter, or every 20cm instead of every 30cm.


Installing the U-boats

There are lot of alternative methods on decoupling your floor. Rubber U´s, however, has proven very functional both in terms of decoupling-effeciency but also in regards to easy and comprehensible installation. This method is popular in both professional studios and home cinemas. These U-boats allow you to place 48x48mm studs or alternatively 48x36mm studs if you´d like to save some height directly on the sub-floor. You can also use 48x30mm studs, but in such case we recommend increasing the number of U-boats from 1 per 30cm to 1 per 20cm.


There should be a maximum of 30cm between each U-boat and also maximum 30cm between each row of U-boats using 48x48mm or 48x36mm studs. If you use 48x30mm studs we recommend using one U-boat every 20cm.


Every two meter or so, we recommend connecting the rows using a short stud. You only need to place U-boats on every second connecting stud. We also recommend using some form of insulation, and last you screw plus glue the floorboards to the studs, either in one or two layers.


Please remember to never allow the floorboards to touch the surrounding walls as this would reduce the effeciency of the decoupling significantly.

Dimensions of the clip is 61x38mm (width / height). The inner section is 49mm allowing for some flexibility using a 48mm stud. The bottom rubber section builds 10mm from the sub-flooring.

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