DreamScreen CineSeat ProMotor Motorized Cinema Chair

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If you´re looking for the ultimate, motorized cinema-seating experience, look no further! The DreamScreen CineSeat ProMotor is a luxurious cinematic piece of furniture, equipped with a professional German OKIN motor and now also cooling cup-holders.



Sit tighter, save some space as well as money! The LoveSeat-configuration is a very popular configuration, both as a two-seater, three-seater and four-seater, and if you´d like to throw in a armrest later on it´s no problem at all.


German precision motor

The CineSeat ProMotor is eqipped with a brand new, OKIN motor made in Germany. These motors are normally used in hospitals and car-seats as they are renowed for their quick, stabile and precise response.


Ultrablack velour / microfiber hybrid 

In the ultimate batcave, all reflections must be killed to obtain the prestine blacklevel all cinema-enthusiasts are looking for. Our velvet / microfiber hybrid is both super ligh-absorbant as well as superior quality!



LED cupholder with cooling & control

The LED-light cupholder allows you to both cool your drink and control your incline directly.



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Other Features

  • Leather or microfiber fabric 
    • If you select the leather version, you will receive a truly exclusive piece of furniture that will last you years and years. The microfiber / velvet hybrid fabric-option is also a good choice for the true batcave setup.
  • Inclinig
    • The chairs use a "wall hugger"-function, requiring only about 20cm from the back-wall and still be able to fully recline. Another advantage of this type of setup is that the head-placement is quite stabile although you alter the level of incline.
  • Cooling cupholder
    • The cupholder will keep your drink cool throughout the movie!