DreamScreen CineSeat Theatre Genuine Cinema Chair

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DreamScreen is all about re-creating that cinematic magic found in theatres all over the world. Our CineSeat Theatre-series allows you to finally purchase 100% authentic cinema-chairs for your personal cinema!

These chairs are sold in either 3, 4 or 5-seats rows, but if you require larger setups please contact us for a special quote.



The seating-comfort is reference-level by using a combination of professional-grade foaming, finely tuned back-support and a strong, thick seating-section. The back-section can be tilted 10 degrees, enabling you to optimilize your seating-position properly.


The seat is delivered with fully retractable arm-rests and fully-sized cup-holders.


Seat-numbers from 1-10 available (accessory).

The CineSeat Theatre is delivered in either red og black fabric or high-quality black vinyl.