DreamScreen AcoustIQ Absorbant 50x50cm

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The panels uses flocking in order to obtain a far more precise colorization and velvet-like surface than is normally the case for these type of absorbers.


Panel, meet cable channel

These panels both take care of unwanted reflections as well as being highly practical in terms of providing a channel for which all types of cables can be hidden.



Red, grey or black flock

The "Ferrari" red, light grey or ultramatte black are all very appealing it their own unique way. Flocked, to obtain a velvet-like, and highly stabile surface colorization.



Technical data

Material: Polyurethane foam

Density: 25 kg./m3 (ISO 845)
CDH Harness 40 %: 1.5 kPa   (ISO 3386)
Color: grey, red, black
Dimensjon: 50 x 50 cm
Thickness: 7.5 cm
Weight: 470 gr./panel