DreamScreen V6 Tab InCeiling DynaGrey D65 16:9 92"-138" Motorized Screen

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The tab tension mechanism provides you with the most even surface available on a cassette based screen solution. The Tab V6 also features a vast selection of integrated control options such as a cordless 12V trigger and advanced RS232 protocol as well as a brand new 6. generation reference quality D65 tuned screen fabric. The InCeiling system allows you to hide the cassette for that genuine minimalistic custom install look.

The InCeiling system allows you to hide the cassette, perfectly suited for modern, minimalistic homes

Control capabilities

Our new V6 Tab includes a huge amount of control options. First, the basic IR remote control is included. IR also allows you to use Logitech Harmony or any other universal remote systems to create a macro that - for example - moves the screen down when the projector is turned on and back up when the projector is turned off. Furthermore, a regular manual wall box is included.

For more advanced setups, a 12V cordless trigger is included. Providing that your projector or AV-receiver has a 12V trigger output, you can use this trigger functionality to automatically pull the screen down and up, for example when the projector is turned on and off. For even more integrated setups, an RS232 control option is also available. RS232 is used by a number of control-systems such as Crestron, Control4 and iRule.

12V wireless trigger is also included


Reference quality D65 tuned DynaGrey screen fabric

The tension system allows us to use the same fabric on our tensioned screens that we use for our reference quality UltraFrame framed screens. By avoiding the use of fiber threads, common regularly motorized screens as well as a number of tensioned screens supplied by others, we are able to provide a seamless structural appearance that allows you to be seated very close without being bothered by visible structure from the fabric.

The Tab V6 is including a brand new V6 version of the DynaGrey light grey fabric with a gain-factor of 0.8.

The DynaGrey is our recommended choice for most regular setups in living rooms where walls and ceiling is typically white / light colored and thus reflective. The grey nuance in the fabric reflect less from the surroundings than a regular white fabric and therefore delivers improved image dynamics.

We actually reduced the gain from our 5. generation DynaGrey by 0.1 in order to obtain an even matter surface. This ultramatte surface provides the best image quality we have been able to supply to date and is a clear upgrade from our previous generations of fabric. The matter we are able to get the surface, the less you are able to see the actual structure from it. The best projection screen is actually the one you don´t notice at all!

Our V6 fabric (to the right) has been made significantly matter, providing even less visible structural appearance and noticeable improved overall quality

This gain in combination with the general design of the fabric secures that no speckles (reflective artifact) appears or polarization-residue remains (which is important when using active 3D). Speckle is a very common issue for screen-material in both high and low price-classes, a phenomena that both reduces the actual resolution / detailing of white / bright segments as well as introduces a lot of general noise to the image. We´re dedicated to make certain such issues are not apparant with any of our screen-materals and would therefore never increase gain to levels that potentially introduces these issues.


Example of a (heavily) speckled (left) vs. a non-speckled (right) reflection


Furthermore, the fabric has an ultra fine structural coating, and with no use of fiber threads or other coarse elements the structure of the surface is not visible even at very close seating-distances.

D65 tuned

D65 is the term for the white-point all Blu-ray-discs and other types of video-content is mastered at. In order to display the image identical to your source you need to make certain your equipment projects that same D65 white-point.

Although calibration is still required even when the screen-material is D65 neutral, the neutral reflection will require less calibration-corrections than screen-material that moves primary colors too much in one direction or the other. For example, if a screen reflects green 5% more than it´s supposed to, the calibrator would need to reduce the overall brightness of the entire image by a significant % in order to compensate for the error.

Our DynaGrey fabric measures within 4% of the Stewart Studitek 100 reference which is regarded as highly D65 color neutral, and will take very little toll on the brightness produced by your projector when calibrated to D65.




  • Tab-tension mechanism in high quality for an even surface
  • Superfine structured fabric, no use of coarse fiber-threads as in most regular motorized or manual screens
  • 5 cm side masking and 30-60cm top black drop (can be adjusted flexibly, black drop varies by size, please see "B1" in chart below)
  • InCeiling system, allowing you to hide the cassette in the ceiling
  • IR-remote, manual control box, 12-volt cordless trigger and RS232 control systems