DreamScreen V6 UltraFrame + UltraWeave V6 D65 16:9 / 2.35:1 92"-185" Framed Screen & AT fabric BUNDLE

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Your image is really never better than what the screen is able to reflect! The requirement on the performance of the screen increases as the source becomes available in higher quality and the projectors start rolling out 4K, laser and all other sorts of features. The DreamScreen series of UltraFrames as well as our patented UltraWeave sound transparent fabric is developed with 4K, HDR and high color accuracy in mind, and effectively combines a surprisingly competitive price with performance even true enthusiasts have come to embrace.



NEW! Resonance reducing frame design

As an increasing number of our customers is moving over to AT fabrics these days, we have placed great emphasis on the performance of the frame in such regards. One issue has been the potential of internal resonances within the confinements of the aluminum frame in setups where powerful speakers are placed behind the frame shooting audio forward. To reduce the risk of soundwaves bouncing back and forth within the frame, thus potentialle causing audible resonances, our 6. generation UltraFrame has a significantly smaller inner compartment than before which is also filled with acoustical dampening material.



The frame

The elegantly rounded shape provides an exclusive impression, and the 10cm width increases the framed effect. In addition, the frame is now covered in a brand new ultrablack hand wrapped velvet that absorbs light very effectively.

The frame is delivered in a "flat" package for more effecient transporting, but is still very easy to assemble. The long sides of the frame is now divided in two, reducing the size of the package significantly and thus also the transporting costs to our customers located all over the world. As such, we can now ship even the XXL frames up to 4,3m wide (185" CineScope) worldwide at competitive shipping prices.

UltraWeave acoustically transparent fabric compatible frame



Our V6-frames are made to fit our reference quality, patented AT fabrics; the UltraWeave series, currently at 6. generation. The frame is equipped with custom fitted tracks that allows you to install specially designed fabric grip profiles included with the UltraWeave fabric. This patent pending fabric delivers world class quality in both acoustical transparency, D65 neutrality, structural appearance as well as a surface totally free of speckle and other common artifacts found in competing fabrics.

Using an AT screen allows you to place your speakers behind the screen providing several benefits, perhaps the most obvious; cleaning up the front-row by hiding the speakers. Also, delivering the sound from where the action actually takes place is surprisingly positive to the overall experience! In addition, the acoustical performance of your room highly depends on surfaces being possible to dampen so that flutter echo and other artifacts can be treated. The larger the screen, the more challenging it gets if you´re using a regularly non-AT screen. Thus, by using an acoustical transparent screen you can place sound absorbers behind the screen fabric and henceforth improve the overall sound quality significantly.

For more indepth information on the UltraWeave fabric, please refer to the product page >>.