GreenGlue Norton Silence Joist Tape 30m

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If you live in an apartment or condo that was not designed for sound attenuation, then you know how annoying it is when you can hear your upstairs neighbor walking around, when their stereo speakers are blaring, or when something drops on the floor. Simply stated, that’s impact sound transmission.




Norton CST with insulation  

Even when the cavity between the floor and ceiling is insulated, one of the transmission spots is over the floor joist. This is a direct path between the floor and the ceiling.

NORTON CST®  dramatically reduces impact sound transmission through the joist.


Norton CST IIC graph


NORTON CST® Comfort & Silence Joist Tape


Norton CST landing    NORTON CST® Comfort and Silence Joist Tape is an elastomeric, flexible foam noise control tape for residential and commercial construction. NORTON CST® Joist Tape is designed and patented to reduce or eliminate squeaky floors and impact sound transmission, while providing excellent thermal insulating and thermal break.



Product Range
Norton CST®  V494 
1/8 ” thick in typical widths of 1 7/16”; 2 ¼” and 3”;
other widths available up to 55”. Also available — Norton CST® HA15 applicating tool.




  • Sound deadening gasket – not a glue or bonding tape
  • No “open time” limit or cure time like liquid adhesives 
  • Adhesive on one side and durable film on the other 
  • Adhesive bonds to wood or steel 
  • Standard 1/8” thickness — foam tape will not squeeze out of joint 
  • Can be pre-applied directly to joists or studs — HA15 applicating tool available 
  • Pre-cut widths fit any joist or stud 
  • Supplied in 100 foot rolls 
  • Durable – wear-resistant, low-friction layer on top 
  • Closed cell foam does not mold or mildew 
  • Over 15 years of proven history in the field




  • Provides an effective barrier to squeaks between subfloors and joists 
  • Virtually eliminates costly call backs from squeaky subfloors 
  • Creates a quieter, more comfortable home 
  • Greatly reduces impact sound transmission (IIC) from upper rooms 
  • Saves time and labor — can be easily and safely pre-applied on the ground, all at one time 
  • Pre-cut width means no waste 
  • Works with wood or steel joist and stud construction 
  • Ideal for areas where condensation may occur, without supporting mold growth 
  • Designed for the life of the building




  • Between joists and subfloor sheathing 
  • Works with engineered wood, dimensional lumber and steel joist 
  • Between sill plate and foundation 
  • On wall studs for sound control  
  • Under floor track and above header track for sound control 
  • On exterior studs for thermal and acoustical control


NORTON CST® Squeaky Floors

NORTON CST®  joist tape was developed as a solution to one of the nagging problems in residential housing — squeaky floors — those spots in your floor you step on and emit an annoying squeak.

NORTON CST® Impact Sound Transmission

NORTON CST®  joist tape dramatically reduces impact sound transmission through the joist.

NORTON CST® Thermal Insulating and Thermal Break Tape

NORTON CST®  joist tape also improves the acoustical performance of the wall.

NORTON CST® More Details on Tape Application

Learn how to use NORTON CSTTM  joist tape